What is intervention

When enough people take action, harassers will find it harder and harder to harass. They will face consequences on the street, in their workplace, from friends and family and coworkers, and eventually they will choose to not harass at all.

Intervention is:

any actions, words or behaviors that make it clear to harassers, bystanders, and all societal members in any context that sexual harassment is not tolerated, and that supports harassed individual.

For example: Asking if the harassed person needs help, telling the harasser to stop, or calling out to other bystanders to notice the situation.

More tips

Every action counts.

  • Each time you speak up or intervene, someone else will see you and maybe be inspired to do the same next time. The harasser will also realize they won’t always be able to get away with it so easily.
  • Each report to HarassMap is evidence that sexual harassment is a huge problem, that it affects everyone, and that there are many of us who refuse to accept it any longer.
  • Each time we talk about sexual harassment, others will know that it happens to everyone, that there is no shame in talking about it, and that they too can have a role in standing up to it.
  • Each report to the police proves that sexual harassment is a crime and that there are consequences for it.