The HarassMap effect

HarassMap is working to build a future in which neighborhoods, schools, universities, cafes, restaurants, shops, workplaces, and eventually all of Egypt are all safe spaces that never tolerate sexual harassment and always help people when they are harassed.

Step 1

The first step towards this future is establishing people's belief that sexual harassment is a crime that is the fault of the harasser and not the person being harassed, and creating rules for how to act when it happens.

Step 2

Next, people must act on this belief and these rules by helping people being harassed. Individuals can intervene to help someone they see getting harassed, tell harassers to stop, and report the crime to HarassMap and/or the police. If they are part of an institution like a business or university or school, we work with them to implement and enforce anti-sexual harassment policies.

Step 3

When enough people take action, harassers will find it harder and harder to harass. They will face consequences on the street, in their workplace, from friends and family and coworkers, and eventually they will choose to not harass at all. This is when we reach our goal - zero-tolerance will be the norm and sexual harassment will decrease in Egypt.