Learn the basics

Sexual harassment is a crime.

Sexual harassment will stop only when harassers stop harassing. This will only happen when we all stop ignoring sexual harassment, making excuses for harassers, and tolerating their behaviour.

Sexual harassment is:

any form of unwanted words and/or actions of a sexual nature that violate a person’s body, privacy, or feelings and make that person feel uncomfortable, threatened, insecure, scared, disrespected, startled, insulted, intimidated, abused, offended, or objectified.

Detailed definition

Sexual harassment can be verbal, physical, gestures and movement. It is a form of sexual violence.

Sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence can take place in public and private places. Harassers can be individuals or groups of men and/or women. The harasser can be a complete stranger or someone you know. The harassed person can be an individual or groups of all kinds of women and/or men, including children.

Intervention is:

any action, words, or behaviour that makes it clear to the harasser and/other people around that sexual harassment is not tolerated, and/or supports the harassed person.

For example: Asking if the harassed person needs help, telling the harasser to stop, or calling out to other bystanders to notice the situation.

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