Incident happened on 22/08/2018 at 1:00PM

at D8 103 G S Residence, Sharm el Sheikh (27.900840 34.301650)

The hotel attendant showed me my room. I was asking what time I should return the keys. Using my phone to translate, because he did not understand English, I typed in Arabic the question. Then he pushed me against the wall and groped my breasts, vagina, and pressed his private area into my hips. I pushed him away but he would not leave. I walked into bathroom and closed door but he used force to open door. He did the same thing there kissing and pushing his body against mine. Finally he left after I kept pushing away, but said he would be back later. There was no one else at the hotel residence I could report him to.

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Categories Touching Sexual Invites Sexual Assault


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