Incident happened on 27/05/2019 at 12:00PM

at Al Khaleg Al Naseri, Cairo Governorate, Egito (30.061460 31.248930)

That never happened to me and happened 2 times. I was going to buy food. While I was walking on the street, I feel like someone pointed a finger, with the tip touching my butt cheeks.
I looked and I saw an old man. I was mad, and I looked mad at him. He said sorry, and we continually walked. I wasn't alone, I had 2 other women with me.

A little after that, while I was waiting on the line, a boy put his finger in the middle of my butt. I looked back deeply in his eyes and showed him all the offensive that he did - portrait in my expression.

This is new to me. Some man are very polite, and don't even touch me to recieve cash. Some man are just waiting to take advantage of me.

I know this is offensive, disrespectful and even HARAM, a sin. I'm not asking, Im not provocative, and I dont want this.

Now, I know if something like this happens, I will expose him, and say HARAM.

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