Incident happened on 05/06/2018 at 3:00PM

at Aquarius Diving Centre, Hurghada (27.197050 33.845190)

My partner and I booked a glass boat trip with the diving club adjoined to the hotel. We were the only ones on this time slot 3-5pm with the guide/sailor. Regrettably I did not take his name. Aside from some inappropriate comments made to me when he took me to snorkel the main complaint is that he offered to take a photograph of my partner and I in a shallow part of the sea. I realised when I checked my phone that he had taken pictures of me going down the stairs on the boat so he could look at my chest (I was wearing a swimsuit). I had 3 photographs on my phone he taken where he had zoomed the camera onto my chest. I felt violated and upset but unable to challenge as I did not know who to go to.

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