Incident happened on 01/06/2019 at 7:30PM

at Ahmed Shawky street, literally right outside my house., 6th of October/Mutamayez district/Egypt (29.988090 30.977390)

I dont leave my house often cause i have no friends and tbh its just so draining and horrible out there. Im a transgender girl so naturally literally every time, i kid you not, every time i go out i get called a "khawal" or "he/she, wad ya bint" and "ento wad walla bett" but when my hair is straightened or wet i pass feminine; que the sexual harassment. I remember one time within literally a few seconds of leaving my doorstep and walking towards the supermarket, 2 men on a motorcycle were debating amongst themselves "what i was" and that they bet if they assaulted me they'd find out "low niknaha ha na3raf" before giving me disgustingly mocking looks and speeding off. Another time in the exact same spot 2 police officers in their parked jeep were making disgusting comments on the way i walked and face expressions. There are so many that i simply forget them, but some of those brief moments stick with and scare/enrage me. Im 16 and i know they do this to literally everyone who's a woman/femme presenting. Its so horrible and the law, in mubarak, morsi and our current Sisi regime actively go to great lengths not just to do nothing, but punish us and harass us themselves, while simultaneously blaming us. I just found out about this organization and im so glad for the work you do, reporting and covering such incidents. Thank you!

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