Incident happened on 19/10/2018 at 6:30AM

at Msaken Nerko, Maadi (29.961990 31.282890)

He followed me, blue license plate number XX41, while I was out for a run. He slowed down next to me, then moved ahead, pulled off the main road and parked. He got out and was leaning on his car as I passed. He called to me "pss! pss!" I saw him go to unzip his pants. I didn't want to look, so focused on getting my phone out to take a photo (the camera took too long to wake up). He got back in his car and drove away very fast. Police investigated and got a video of his car, but not enough detail to go find him. About mid 30s, beard, medium hight and narrow to medium build.

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Categories Indecent Exposure


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