Incident with intervention happened on 23/11/2018 at 12:30AM

at 143th street & Wallingford, Seattle, WA, USA (47.732320 -122.336960)

Two men drove past me on the street that I lived on, then again on another street, and after a third time I tried to hide from them in a non obvious way (behind a light pole, pretending my dog was peeing). I changed the street I was on and could hear them driving on other streets nearby. The fourth time they drove past me I called the police and flagged down another car. The men stopped their car and got out. One person in the car I flagged down also got out. I yelled at the men to go away and leave me alone, they called me crazy and said they were just out for a drive. I was on the phone for 2 minutes with the police, and I didn't hang up with the police until after they drove away. Two minutes of them idling their car and telling me I was crazy.

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Categories Ogling Stalking or Following
Intervention Responded positively to harassed person's request for help


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