Incident happened on 30/07/2018 at 8:30PM

at Metro Dokki, Cairo (30.039450 31.202530)

I was in the metro in Dokki, and all people were very tighten because there was a lots of people at this hour. Anyway, I was on the phone, so I didn't realize straight away that a man pressed me with his legs (and of course, his sex). I realized it when I stepped back because there was some space (some people just get down from the metro) and he was still "stocked" against my body. But you know, when something like that happened, you're not really sure so I get down to Sadat to change line, and I decided to walk very fast from that men and he still managed to catch up the distance between us and when we finally get up on the metro at Sadat, he grabbed my breast with his hand. I couldn't scream because I was so chocked and so mad, so I just run away from him and decided to went to the opposite side of the metro, just next to other Egyptian guys. And after all of that, he still continued to follow me on the metro, so I just looked at him, let him know that if he comes closer I'll scream, but I was finally arrived at Saad Zaghloul station where I needed to stop.

When this episode ended, I was so mad at myself not screaming and humiliated him but I couldn't have done anything on the moment.. I was like petrified. And nobody intervened because there was too many people on the metro, so it was almost impossible to notified.

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