Incident happened on 13/02/2018 at 11:30PM

at ABBAS EL AKKAD, CAIRO (30.056570 31.338040)

I took a microbus heading to Abbas El-Akkad and soon enough the man sitting next to me started pressing his leg against mine. I thought it was because of the tight space, but then I looked over and realized there was plenty of space on his other side. Then he started pressing his arm as well. When it was time to get off I shifted position and he put his hand under my leg. Then when I got off the van I waited to see where he would go. Since he seemed to be on his way to another van, I started walking at Abbas. I was about half a kilometer away from where I got off the van when I suddenly felt the urge to look behind me and there he was. He actually followed me for half a kilometer at Abbas. As soon as I realized it, I just started walking back in the direction I had come from. He was walking as if he had nothing else to do in the world but follow me - at a very leisure pace.

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Categories Stalking or Following Touching


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