Incident happened on 13/08/2018 at 5:00PM

at Tagamo3 on the run, Cairo (29.982590 31.423680)

This is about the “on the run” story that broke out. I think I have to report this because one major detail that’s important in this story is that people didn’t intervene, they joined. Thinking they have the authority to dictate whether this was harassment or not. With victim blaming, slut shaming and I really hope the girl is being strong about it all. This is the backlash every girl fears whenever something happens in the street, people always blame you and it can be overwhelming because it’s the closest people to you that surprise you and make you almost not want to admit that those people see you this way.

Some are even encouraging the man to sue her.

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كيف يتم إثبات واقعة التحرش

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