HarassMap launches Training Manual on “Sexual Abuse of Children and Adolescents (with/without disabi

Press release:

HarassMap, in collaboration with the French Institute in Egypt, launches its training manual on the “Sexual abuse of children and adolescents (with/ without disabilities): Towards a safe environment for children" as part of its project "Integrating and raising awareness around sexual harassment."

The manual was launched in an event on Monday, July 29, 2019, at the French Institute in Egypt with speeches from Ms. Sophie Pommier, Deputy Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French Institute in Egypt, Ms. Enas Hamdy, Chairwoman of HarassMap and MP Nadia Henry. 

In her speech, Ms. Enas Hamdy said that "For nearly nine years now, HarassMap has been working to a ensures the safety of everyone against sexual abuse and violence, and since 2018, HarassMap took various many steps working against the sexual abuse of children; from its research on testimonies on sexual violence against children to the production of this training manual on sexual abuse of children and adolescents (with/ without disabilities). "

Meanwhile, Ms. Sophie Pommier stated that "this project aims to deliver a training content for awareness and combating of harassment for children with or without disabilities, which an important and serious issue that we are happy to support and participate in it," highlighting that France is particularly interested in combatting such an issue and the French Foreign Ministry has a hotline to address it. 

Mai Khaled, a member of the board of HarassMap, added that "it is a guide that could be used by all groups even non-specialized ones and is adapted to the Egyptian culture."

The training manual aims to provide knowledge about how to raise awareness and protect children and adolescents with or without disabilities from sexual abuse, and provide initial support, both psychologically and legally, in case they were subject to sexual abuse.