Safe schools and universities


Are you a student or professor and want to make a difference at your university?

Apply to be part of HarassMap’s Safe Schools and Universities team now!

Students at Alexandria, Mansoura, Damanhour, and Assiut universities apply here.

Safe Schools and Universities launched in December 2013 and the team works to ensure that schools and universities are places where sexual harassment is not tolerated and where cases of sexual harassment are appropriately dealt with. We provide an anti-sexual harassment policy template that universities and schools can adopt, and we are happy that Cairo University already adopted it in fall semester 2014. The policy provides guidance on how to set up appropriate reporting mechanisms and clear actions to be taken following an incident.

We work with the university administration and with students, teachers, professors and other staff at the school and/or university. The project team trains students (captains) and administration/professors to prepare them to conduct awareness activities and workshops at their institutions and to lobby for the adoption and implementation of a policy. The captains also recruit volunteers at their university and receive support from our core team in order to prevent and effectively respond to sexual harassment occurring within the university.

If you are a student, professor or teacher and you would like to become one of our Safe Schools and Universities volunteers or would like to suggest that your institution takes part in the project, please contact us on [email protected]

View the Cairo University anti-sexual harassment policy here (Arabic only).

View the Safe Schools and Universities Volunteer Handbook here (Arabic only)