Report sexual harassment


Fill in a report form here

Send an SMS to 6069

Email your report to [email protected]

Tweet your report to #harassmap or @HarassMap

Post your report on our Facebook page or send us a private message.

All you have to do is to tell us what happened, where, and when. You can report it if it happened to you, or if you’ve witnessed it happening. We record all reports anonymously.

All the reports that we get are reviewed to confirm that they meet our criteria. This means that we make sure that the report is about sexual harassment and not harassment in general, and that the report is about one or more specific harassment incident(s) and not a general statement about sexual harassment. The report also has to say where and when it happened, and what kind of sexual harassment it was. Each report is then mapped and appears on the map as a red dot, which shows the report text when clicked. This provides clear evidence for people who deny harassment exists and helps us combat stereotypes about where, to whom, and how often harassment actually happens. It is an incredibly useful tool to convince people that sexual harassment is a serious problem and that we all need to take action against it.

Each SMS also receives an automated response with information about legal assistance, psychological counseling, and self-defense classes. You can also find this information here.

Why report?

The reports are very important and central to our work:

  • They help us stay updated as to the magnitude of the problem and what is happening in the streets of Egypt.
  • We analyze this data and this analysis identifies trends that help us to break misconceptions and myths about sexual harassment that make people hesitate to acknowledge the problem and stand up to it (that the harassed/assaulted is to blame and that it is just innocent flirting, for example).
  • We use the reports in our community mobilization to prove to people that sexual harassment actually happens in their neighborhoods and to motivate them to stand up to when they see it happening. People are often angered and horrified when they read the stories of sexual harassment in their area and this often rouses people into action.
  • Reporting sexual harassment and assault is a way of breaking the silence and making a statement to say that sexual harassment is a crime and not acceptable.