File a police report for sexual harassment

Some steps for how to file a police report for sexual harassment:

1. Try to catch the harasser and take him to the police station – ask others for help and ask for their support as witnesses.

2. Go to the nearest police station and say that you want to file a police report because someone harassed you.

3. In the report you will be asked:

  • Where is the harasser?
  • What is your name?
  • Have you caught him?
  • Do you have any ID?
  • Did anyone witness this incident in detail?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Describe the way you were harassed.
  • When and where did the harassment occur?
  • Describe the surrounding conditions

4. The witnesses must report their name, age, place of residence, their relationship with the harasser, what they were doing, where they were at the time of the incident and what exactly they witnessed.

5. If the harasser is caught, he will be asked for his name, age, profession, place of residence, reason he was at the place of the incident, whether or not he harassed you, and if he knows you or had seen you before. He will then be questioned. If the harasser is not caught, you will be asked if you knew him before and if you or the witnesses can provide information about him. The report is filed, closed and assigned an administrative number that you will need in order to ask the prosecutor’s office about the final decision. If the harasser can be identified from the report or an investigation, the case will be registered. If not, it will be filed away.

6. The report is assigned a status number until the harasser is questioned.

7. You, the witnesses, and the harasser will be taken to the prosecutor’s office for interrogation with a copy of the report.

8. The harasser will be detained and registered based on the crime committed. A trial date is set.

This list was compiled by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights. You can also contact the NGO Taskforce for more advice on how to deal with the police and other legal issues:

(+2-02) 33464901/3460898.