15. How many sexual harassment reports have you received?

As of January 2015, we have received about 1386 reports overall (not including reports that didn’t meet our criteria).

Read more about our criteria under “How to report harassment and how does reporting work?

At the beginning, we focused all of our attention on our on-the-ground community work. Our reporting system was there from the start, but we didn’t emphasize it nearly as much as our offline work in communities. However, as we worked, we learned how essential these reports are to our understanding of the issue and in convincing people in the streets. So we started to encourage people to help us to document this issue by sending reports. Every report helps us and others working on the issue to learn more about the problem so that we can attack it effectively. And every report is published anonymously on our map and website, and also helps our volunteers to demonstrate to bystanders in their community the true scale and facts about the problem.

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