Evaluation Consultant

HarassMap is an Egyptian initiative that is working to engage all of society to create an environment that does not tolerate sexual harassment. HarassMap works to achieve its mission by urging all of society to re-establish consequences for harassers by encouraging all people to take action against harassers.
Position Nature:               Consultant
Position Location:            Cairo
Position Duration:            1 month

Application Deadline: July 23, 2016


HarassMap’s safe schools and universities program aims to make sexual harassment not tolerated in academic institutions. We believe that this will only be accomplished when there is a strict sexual harassment policy, in addition to awareness-raising activities. In 2014, Cairo University partnered with HarasssMap and other civil society organizations to create a sexual harassment policy and an anti-violence unit. The policy outlines mechanisms and procedures for reporting sexual harassment according to specific guidelines based on the Supreme Council of Universities Laws. There is also a particular focus on prevention through training and awareness campaigns, plus a referral system for psychological support to the psychological support unit at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. This rendered Cairo University the first national university to endorse an anti-harassment policy that commits to raising awareness about the problem and spells out disciplinary measures against offenders.

A working group was formed in March 2014 and included staff members, student representatives, and civil society organizations active in the field of combating sexual harassment. The proposal was welcomed by the President of Cairo University, and a number of measures were put in place. An anti-harassment task force was established and consisted of a higher committee chaired by the President of the University and entrusted with issuing anti-harassment policies and monitoring their implementation, and an executive committee that implements the policies. In order to facilitate access to the task force, the executive committee appointed representatives at the 24 faculties who will act as liaisons with the central unit. These representatives have received specialized training on the policy and procedures plus handling complains and providing support to victims.

Specific Objectives of the Evaluation

More than one year has passed since the adoption and implementation of the policy at Cairo University. Therefore, Cairo University, in partnership with HarassMap plan to evaluate the policy and procedures related to the sexual harassment policy, and how they have been used since its inception. Furthermore, the evaluation aims to inform the replication process in other universities.

This consultancy assignment will involve reviewing existing unit progress to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

With considerations to the overall objective of the project, specific objectives include:

  • Evaluate the unit’s strategies and activities against its objectives.
  • Identified the problems encountered and the problem solving strategies used.
  • Identify financial constraints, needs and resource allocation.
  • Assess the current reporting system and investigation of sexual harassment cases
  • Analyze the sustainability of the unit by looking at the lessons learned and best practices, as well as opportunities and challenges
  • Based on lessons-learned, provide recommendations for replicating the unit in other university.


Tasks and Responsibilities

The following main tasks will be undertaken:

Document Review: To review all the documents related to the unit establishments and relevant laws and regulations.

Evaluation Proposal: In coordination with the Unit and HarassMap’s staff, suggest a methodology for the evaluation.

Data Collection: Implement the methodology after approval from the Unit and HarassMap.

Reporting: Based on the results, suggest monitoring tools for Cairo University that can be also used for replication.

Final Report: Write a full evaluation report which including: summary, background, methodology and strategy, evaluation questions, objectives and indicators, data collection and analysis, evaluation result including strength and weakness points, challenges, opportunities and lesson learned, in addition to conclusion and recommendations for replication.

Professional Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Economics, Management, Social Sciences, or related field required. PhD preferred.
  • A minimum of five years of professional experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation.
  • Extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation and writing comprehensive reports.
  • Excellent analytical skills; communication and advocacy skills an advantage.
  • Past experience in gender issues is a plus.

Deliverables and Duration

  • Inception report with detailed evaluation plan
  • First draft report
  • Final evaluation report
  • Submission of materials, data collected / analyzed and other evaluation documents
  • A summary PowerPoint presentation highlighting main findings and recommendations

The consultant shall provide a comprehensive draft report for review and comments. The report should be preceded by an executive summary, and shall include:

  • Purpose of the evaluation and the methodology.
  • The main findings: project relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact of project activities, sustainability with recommendations for improvement.
  • Lessons learned: Assessment of attainment of indicators, operational and developmental lessons.
  • Conclusions and recommendations.
  • Annexes.

Duration: The evaluation will be carried out through a period of 4 weeks starting at the first of August 2016.

Application Process

Interested applicants are invited to submit an updated CV and financial proposal to hiring@harassmap.org by 20 July 2016.