Don’t be silent (Mesh Sakta)

There are many ways to stand up to sexual harassment and assault.

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Here are some ideas, big and small – choose what you feel is right for you and the situation. Every action counts to fight this epidemic!

  • React. Speak up in a loud voice and say no when you or someone else is being harassed, or ask bystanders for help.
  • Report what happened, when and where to HarassMap by SMS (6069), Twitter, or on our website and Facebook. Reports are anonymous.
  • Talk about it – with friends, your family, colleagues, or on Facebook and Twitter. We need to let more and more people understand the magnitude of the problem, and that it happens to everyone around them.
  • Use the free services that exist – psychological counseling and legal advice for example. Call Nazra for Feminist Studies’ hotline (01011910917) for more information.
  • Report it to the police. It is your right, and there are laws that can be used to punish the harasser. Check out this page for more details for how to go about this, or contact Nazra for Feminist Studies (01011910917) for free legal advice.
  • Take a self-defense course. It can give you ideas for more ways to stand up to sexual harassment/assault, when it happens to you and to others.

You can find more videos here.

Every action counts.

  • Each time you speak up and say ‘no’ someone else will see you and maybe be inspired to do the same next time. The harasser will also realize they won’t always be able to get away with it so easily.
  • Each report to HarassMap is evidence that sexual harassment/assault is a huge problem, that it affects everyone, and that there are many of us who refuse to accept it any longer. It helps us use the reports as evidence to campaign against harassment in our communications campaigns or in our community mobilization efforts across Egypt.
  • Each time we talk about an incident of sexual harassment that has happened to us or to someone we know, others will know that it happens to everyone, that there is no shame in talking about it, and that they too can have a role in fighting it.
  • Each report to the police proves that sexual harassment/assault really is a crime and that the harasser is the one to blame, not you.

Sexual harassment and assault is a crime. It is no joke. It is not funny, manly, cool, or normal. There are laws that can be applied to incriminate and punish harassers, and there have been several cases where harassers have served a jail sentence for sexual harassment, verbal and physical. Sexual harassment is not your fault – regardless of what you do, wear or don’t wear, how and where you walk. It is always the fault of the harasser only, the person who decided to commit this crime. So don’t stay silent. And don’t stay silent when you see someone else being harassed. Silence over the years has made harassers think that they can harass anytime, anywhere and will always get away with it. Silence also sometimes makes the harasser think that you are “ok” with what they have done and can encourage them to go further. Take positive action to end this epidemic!

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Mesh Sakta on the ground.

Campaign designed by Bassem Yousry.


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