Debunking myths about sexual harassment

In March 2013 we launched our campaign Debunking Myths and Misconceptions about Sexual Harassment – a social media and on-the-ground campaign to break myths about sexual harassment and assault and encourage reporting. The campaign does this by countering the myths we hear in the streets that keep bystanders from taking action and helping the person who is being harassed. Using facts from our reports, we challenged the public to consider questions such as: “If a woman’s clothing is the reason for sexual harassment, why are women wearing niqab being harassed?”


The campaign became very popular on social media and quickly went viral. One of the many posts we shared on our Facebook page during this campaign has so far had a reach of around 161,000, and this is only one of around 50 campaign posts on our page alone. Other groups have been spreading it under their own name too.

We also created stickers, postcards, and posters that are still being distributed and shared all over Egypt by our partners and community mobilization teams. The campaign was also the theme for our annual event on March 30, 2013, and it was used as protest banners during the international women’s day march in Cairo on March 8.